RCT Comestible Transfer

Excellent choice for edible oils, and personal care products as well as most dairy applications. (Meets 3-A 62-02 standards, USDA requirements and is FDA compliant.) Rated for full transfer use up to 150 PSI, Nitrile hose is engineered to handle high temperatures and maintain product color, taste and aroma. A dual wire helix makes the RCT extremely flexible and easy to handle.

  • TUBE:White, FDA, 3-A, Nitrile/PVC Blend
  • REINFORCEMENT:Spiral-plied synthetic fabric with dual wire helix
  • COVER:White Nitrile w/white stripe
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE:-25° to 250° F
  • COMPLIANCE: USDA Class III requirements, FDA CFR Title 21 177.2600, 3-A 18-03

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