Tank Bottom & Sampling Valves

Designed and patented for Aseptic, Biopharmaceutical and Ultra-Pure Fluids applications, it is made of two materials (PTFE and AISI 316L), and without asymptotic closures. Innovative internal design with inclined contact surfaces to drain the fluid. Fully autoclavable.
Documentation : Each valve is supplied with laser marking for the traceability and validation of the process, and of the 3.1, FDA or USP material certificates, and internal roughness.
On request, Atex CE Ex II 2 GDX compliant versions are available.
Internal finishes : Ra ≤ 0,4 μm
External finishes : Ra ≤ 0,8 μm mirror
Maximum operating conditions : 10 bar (150 psi) and 150 ° C (300 ° F)
Gaskets : FDA approved PTFE or USP CLASS VI – 121 ° or PTFE modified for ATEX applications.


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