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Edge Solutions is the leader in orbital welding for tubes and pipes.

Edge Solutions has implemented and applied proven orbital welding and fabrication techniques tailored to the ever increasing demands of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries, Food and Beverage industries.

We undertake turnkey orbital welding jobs with supply of world class fittings and tubing / piping.

We have our own orbital welding machines. More machines are available on requirement. The welding machines are microprocessor based with weld documentation facility. We have well trained orbital welders with vast experience. We use only genuine electrodes / consumables as specified by manufacturer so that quality of the weld will be identical. All the support equipments like tube facing machines, flow measurement devices, etc are from world class manufacturers.

Orbital Welding

Understanding the basic principles behind orbital tube welding may help you arrive more rapidly at the optimum weld procedure for your specific application. Orbital welding is automatic tungsten inert gas welding. It eliminates chances of manual errors in welding. It produces identical welds for hundreds of times hence accuracy in welding.

Our services surrounding orbital welding include:

Orbital welding within an enclosed head from 1/2″ to 6″ (and metric equivalents).

Orbital welding of high purity and integrity with fully penetrated welds, suitable for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries, Food and Beverage industries.

Orbital weld heads being small and compact can access welds at high level and within restricted areas.

Orbital welding which offers complete repeatability after initial parameters are set and material variances have been taken into consideration.

Orbital welding of materials with wall thickness from 0.1mm to 3mm.

The GTAW Process

The orbital welding process uses the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process (GTAW) as the source of the electric arc that melts the base material and forms the fusion weld. The metal to be welded is melted by the intense heat of the arc and fuses together.